Fine violin shop

As one of the oldest violin dealerships in the United States, our goal is to provide service and expertise at a level unattainable by shops of lesser experience in fine violins, violas, violoncellos, and their bows.

Our beginnings in 1926 grew out of close relationships with greatly respected experts and firms in the trade that included Rembert Wurlitzer of New York and the venerable English firm of W.E. Hill & Sons, who offered Kenneth Warren, Sr. their knowledge, encouragement and support throughout his career.

Now in its third generation of family ownership, our shop provides instruments and bows of unquestioned authenticity in the finest condition attainable within the realm of responsible and up to date restoration techniques. 

President and chief expert James Warren is one of the founders and past president of the Chicago School of Violin Making (formerly the Kenneth Warren & Son School of Violin Making). He has given lectures at the VSA, the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers, the National Music Museum, The Henry Ford Museum, and the Royal Academy of Music. For more information on the various trade organizations or the CSVM, please visit our additional resources page. He has also sponsored, co-sponsored, or contributed in some way to a number of research projects on historic violin and bow makers that has been included in the following modern publications:

Giovanni Battista Guadagnini (sponsor & co-editor)
The Late Cremonese Violin Makers
How Many Strads?
Liuteria Italiana (Vol. 4)
The Voller Brothers
Tourte Le Jeune
The Bowmakers of the Peccatte Family
Liuteria Moderna in Emilia Romagna
The Legend of Italian Violins-The Chi Mei Collection


As a full-service shop, we carry a wide selection of strings, rosin, books, cases and many other fine accessories for violins, violas, ‘cellos and their bows. Repairs and bow rehairs are done onsite to the highest standards.